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I'm so happy to find a napoleon dynamite community that's still active. The reason I joined is because 1. I love the movie, and 2.I have a question about a song that was played in the movie. I can't find the song anywhere and it's really bugging me, and i'm hoping someone here knows what it is! The song is played towards the end of the movie, I think it's the second to last song. It starts right after Pedro smiles when everyone is clapping when napoleon did his dance, and it sounds kind of like violins or some sort of string instrument. It plays for a while, like when Kip goes on the bus with LaFawnduh and when the woman on the bike goes to Uncle Rico's van. There's no dialogue though, just music for about 2 minutes or so. I think this was a pretty descriptive idea of the song, and if anyone knows the name of it/who it's by/anything please let me know! Thanks so much.
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